art philosophy

Art should be simple and cheap

I like to use cheap, mass produced materials…
I like the idea of creating something thats never been created before with the mass produced junk that fills the Walmarts

the paint, the paper, the canvases, the markers, and the paintbrushes are all cheap and disposable.

I like the idea of creating with inexpensive means…

not just because i dont have a lot of money BUT, also because you dont have to be wealthy to make art. the tools are all around you. if you want them, use them.

I also dont think you need to be well-educated to like art.
you have eyes and an opinion
thats all you need.

To me, good art should appeal to the masses but still resonate with the individual on a deeper level.
Provoke something inside them…
feelings blah blah blah

To me, art should be simple and cheap.

Words and images have a power of their own, we shouldnt abuse it.



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