too far gone for love…

If I seem pessimistic

Its because I am

If I seem bitter

Its because of my heart

If I seem cold

It is because of life

I’m not the only one who feels this way

That’s for damn sure

I wanted to drown

In the tub of hot bath water

Pull the plug

Down the drain

The unhappy feelings would go

Down the drain

I understood less and less

Sometimes there are moments

Where there are no comforting words

Only  sad blue tears

I cant seem to purge myself of this
I cant seem to drown it fast enough

So it sits, in my nonexistent soul

Making me feel very strange

As if I am wailing the back of my head
against the keys of an organ piano

Both my appetite and happiness are missing
Post flyers around the neighborhood if I had the strength

Instead I hope they return on their own
As they’ve done in the past



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