She shirley has you

Monday, the day has been coated in a thin layer shit. The morale is low. Very low.

Because you feel you deserve it, the fifty dollars will be spent on booze and not on your parking ticket. The front room of the bar smells of stale beer and warm cigarette smoke. There’s something comforting about it. Once a beer touches the lips everything feels better. It soaks into the taste buds and rolls down your throat. Ordering another one you weave your way through faceless bodies. They are numb as you bump past them. A tall brunette with nice tits follows the same route.

“Before you start shouting, let me explain” She says.

You can’t remember her name. Beer slips from the corner of your mouth, you use the back of your hand as a napkin.

She confesses, “I did not know they were going to fire you. Honest. Well I heard rumors. But.”

What you actually do for a living escapes your mind. Why you got fired doesn’t register. You do realize that she is infatuated with you.

Or you are infatuated with her. It all starts to spin and blur together. She offers you another drink, you see no reason to refuse it. Six more glasses would follow.  She shirley has you confused with someone else. –park




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