Somebody always has it worse

The police officer finishes writing a parking ticket when you step outside. As your feet shuffle across the street the officer slips the parking fine under the windshield wipers. He doesn’t smile when you approach him. He doesn’t express any kind of human emotion when you ask him for mercy.

A warning just this one time, please.

He rubs his five o’clock shadow. You try to compromise but he’s in no mood to reason with anybody today. The lack of eye contact makes him seem robotic and un-alive. He plainly tells you he’s very good at his job. His index finger taps the hood of your car; he says something about the shitty gas mileage your car gets. He also adds that his wife drives the same car. She’s a lying bitch with a gambling problem. Instead of a parking ticket, divorce papers were tucked under her windshield. Have a nice day, he states.


is what you softly whisper to yourself. Somebody always has it worse.  -park


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