i bet it rhymes with…hugs

They sit at the stop sign in their small hometown
Penny casually states, I’d be ok going out young, and lightly steps on the gas pedal.
Peter appears to be occupied. Staring blankly at his enormous pupils in the side mirror in the passenger seat, you wanna know what scares me about getting old?
Exhaling a cloud of smoke Penny coughs sure
 the car fills with a familiar scent
the body breaks down. Your organs are slowly decaying inside you, the brain, it starts to spoil and rot. The control center starts to malfunction. I’ll end myself before I let my mind get…mushy
Peter imagines poking his pinky finger into his dilated pupil.
Penny fiddles with the radio and exhales more haze.
She coughs again, with our luck, we’ll probably die together.
He chuckles; it comes from the gut, and sounds genuine. Talking thru his half smile he says, hey…wanna know how penny and peter died? I’ll give you one guess…
I bet it rhymes with…hugs,
I bet it was…psychedelic  

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