streaming thought streaming thought streaming…

It takes a little patience, and time…with a bunch a pain in the middle


so i will just type whatever comes to mind


Add to the list of things to do, buy more hats…and a dog…

And when I get that dog, I’ll name it pancake…no flapjack…yea…

FlappyJacky…and we will only eat waffles

Because, its good to draw the line somewhere. Standards are important.

Have I rubbed you the wrong way because

My eyes just keep sexually violating every attractive girl I see

And its new to me, perv vision was updated or upgraded.

And today Logan kept telling the dog, not to get spicy with him.

A fat pug dog when I met her, I thought she was a Buddha statue on the porch.

Then he said the feral cat kept swatting the god plant

And I knew he meant pot which made me laugh

He said something about working at a dispensary and asked if I’ve sold any paintings

I wanted to say how big are your gauges? And is that a tequila worm in them?

But I stopped because I was tweaking

I should be dancing outside, in a luau out…just doesn’t feel like summer to me





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