mold grows on my motivations

I just regurgitated a bunch words all over you. I want to apologize for myself. say, excuse me, that was out of left field

nowhere land


the thing is, I dont say anything that relates to you

you just happen to be my victim as i continue to purge myself from all the information i’ve absorbed

bad jokes, fun facts, mundane fears, symptoms and side effects . brain chatter. i cant quiet the brain chatter.

its been hours AND HOURS…


look at this mess, this pile of insecurities, spoiled dreams. mashed mistakes everywhere. mold grows on my motivations.


i’ve talked myself stupid and need to rest , and yet your the one who looks

outta breath

and i want to scream i’m sorry, i’m sorry for the unpleasantness!

but i dont have the strength, so we both sit in the dark. voiceless.





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