art philosophy

sit with me?

sit with me?



6 thoughts on “sit with me?

  1. Listen with me – the world is so noisy.
    Watch with me – there is so much happening.
    Walk with me and take time. Time to hear what I do not hear, come, sit a while here with me, some time and tell me of all that you see, that I may listen in wonder and look again.
    Will I see what you see?

    • our two worlds may never be, but there’s a part of me that likes to dream.
      with some paint and oddball words, i’d like to see…
      how close we could come, to ideal symmetry.

      • Our worlds are one world. Divided by too much. Some moving too fast some not at all.
        Take the part and find some others, paint those words and dreams. Lines are not always parallel in symmetry it seems..

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