Whats that called?

Its just one of those things,

one of those things that makes you feel

disgustingly awful.

You want it

and want it and

when you get it

you feel bad about yourself.


maybe there arent names for those kinds of things…

like the crusty stuff on the top of ketchup bottles.



One thought on “Whats that called?

  1. I don’t I don’t know that I want it: though I may not know its name.
    The things that make me feel disgustingly awful and guilty and racked with rationalisation and false justification. I know their names.
    My friends like red wine they’re there through good times and more so in bad. Unlike that melted, cooled and crusted bit of roast, peeled from the oven tray the next day; popped in with a slight smirk an inner naughty grin? And tasting like soap.

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