Something inside you broke/Pieces of you scattered everywhere

It started off simple and turned into an unforgiving jigsaw puzzle,

the complete collection of the person you once were

bits and gears,

a spring here, some loose wires there

where to begin? Where does it end?

There’s no instruction manual, so stop looking

All the little bits of you. You could sweep up the thousands and thousands of parts. Pile them neatly together.

Investigate them, one at a time.

The screws and buttons, odd-shaped nuts and bolts,

all these little of pieces nonsense, its all there.

There is no method to this madness.

You could store them in a safe place until you figure out what to do.

Hoping that it will all come back to you one day,

You could commit yourself to putting it all back together

spending week after week discovering each parts’ place and purpose.

You could do all that,

if that’s what you really want.

Or you could…

Or you could start a fire.

You could pour lighter fluid over the pile of broken pieces of you.

Strike a match and let the chemical odors fill your lungs.

Don’t hesitate.

There’s no reason to feel sad about destroying this pile.

Set it on fire. You have every right to.

Don’t let it become a skeleton. Don’t let it haunt you. Don’t let it dwell inside some corner of your mind.

So drop the match

Drop the match

Feed the flame

And feel the full raging emotion of absolutely nothing.

Pure indifference.

As old broken fragments your being begin to burn,

You may say goodbye to all the things you thought you had. You may say goodbye to all the things you thought you knew about yourself and the world. You may say goodbye to friends, habits, and hobbies.

But don’t be scared that its over, or mad that it ended this way

but be happy that it broke. Because now you can see it was going to break eventually.

it was designed to fall apart.




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