whoever gets fed most

‘i had a bad dream,’ Penny whispered rolling onto her side.

It was still dark out. The sun lay dormant leaving the grassy ground cold and damp.

Peter hunched over the fire pit picking out glass bottles. His hair messy and his head still half drunk from the night before.

‘i had a bad dream,’ Penny repeated again just as soft as she did the first time, ‘not a nightmare, just a bad dream,’
Peter was attempting to start another fire.


was the only thing on his mind.
He glared over his shoulder at Penny with bloodshot eyes.

She continued talking ignoring Peter’s uninterested expression, ‘ i had a bad dream about these two wolves in the forest. One was black and one was white. They were snarling at each other, pacing back and forth. The black wolf scared me, but the white wolf gave me hope. They were gonna kill each other,’ Penny closed her eyes pulling the sleeping bag over her face. Peter still glaring over his shoulder towards her.
Her voice shook slightly, ‘which wolf…which wolf will survive, Peter?’

‘which ever wolf gets fed most’ he stated turning back towards the flames.



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