based on a true story

‘what are you up to?’ ‘laying in the dark,’ ‘me too…wanna make out or… tell me a story?’ ‘we cant make out. you are miles away,’ ‘i’m ok with the story then,’ ‘alright, hmmm… once upon a time…. two souls found each other, and life became instantly better,’ -park Advertisements Continue reading


inebriated music

i miss music with you. i miss the late nights, drunk and high, packed into your band room. Up stairs the drunkards play card games but we hid away. it was a dungeon of a basement. and i cant remember any faces but i remember cracking open beers for tyler as his fingers strolled powerfully … Continue reading


i can smell your weed

Peter walked all the way to the edge of hell just to stick his thumb out and hitchhike back. . . It started to freeze over.   Peter sought shelter in a convenient store shack.  Purchased rolling papers off the rack, a handful of lighters from a cute girl at the counter, barely out of diapers. … Continue reading


drawn to all the wrong things

I was just lost. and drawn to all the wrong things, just coping and floating, I settled into a quiet nothingness; a non-interesting human being of…whatever. because I was lazy. because I didn’t have a role model. because I didn’t have a god. because I didn’t feel love….or whatever. Alcohol will hold your hand in … Continue reading


a gypsy harmony

  something about the way, she feels about music. something about the way, she really feeels it. i could listen to, endlessly. from hours to days, in a cloud of haze, i’d willingly let her describe it to me, again and again, in a million different ways. it doesnt fade, it doesnt fade. its a permanent shade, … Continue reading