uncasual interactions

I don’t notice anyone, the more bodies that surround me the more blurry the faces become, but, for whatever reason, I noticed you. We were at the airport, for whatever reason, I noticed you.

and you were carrying a suitcase, black and full of bad decisions, it reeked of whiskey and bruises, the pockets were packed with travel tickets to exotic places

of drawn out guilt trips.

I wondered to myself…
if you were really in a hurry, to get where you were going,

off to somewhere expensive that held new promises?

or did you reveal in the time between your last location and your next destination?

If I had any nerve, and i dont,  I would have ask you to split this cigarette with me

Because I get this odd sense that we might find security in the space between…

if the opportunity presented itself I might say something dark and mysterious


it gets hard to see the earth as a beautiful place when we contaminate everything magical about it, then I would go back to making  coffee for the airport’s caffeine consumers and you would go fly out and forget me a few moments later.
the rest of the day would be ok,  because you and i,

we existed.
we existed and i would make that significant.



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