beginning to miss, coffee&cigarettes

When my roommate’s oldest brother was living on our couch he would  bring me coffee and scrambled eggs in the morning,

and by morning, i mean noon.

The gesture was a sweet one, especially after he spent the entire evening spiking my mountain dew with his cheap idaho silver vodka.
Around 12pm I would hear him setting a plate and a mug on the dresser on next to my bed. Sometimes he’d whisper,
hey parker…can I bum a cigarette?
Sometimes I pretended to be asleep…sometimes I replied,
sure, if you can find one
And he always did manage to find one and then leave my room and the door wide open. I’d sit up and try to smile…
reminding myself that,
bad coffee and salty eggs

still way better… than nothing at all.

its possible that, i’m beginning to miss, the bad coffee and morning cigarettes.



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