love notes for Design 101


  • geometric

precise edges, mathematical

  • organic

commonly found in the natural world,
she is organic, she adds unpredictable energy


  • shapes

squares & rectangles
generally cooperate

curvilinear shapes, like circles, are generally less cooperative
they will retain their individuality even when they are partially concealed
by other shapes

she is a curvilinear shape.


  • lines

contour lines are used for… her anatomy
gesture lines are used for… her movements

lines  and lines…of her


  • TexTure

engages sense of touch

ta touch her
surface quality
ta touch her
visually and conceptually
ta touch…her


the ability to communicate visually
degrees of her..

  • her high,

strong contrast, increased clarity, immediate communication

  • her low,

softedged…gradations…transparencies…increased complexity…multiple interpretations
is she…universal meaning?

trapped in conventional representation?
is she…spontaneously generated?
is she…personal insight i can translate into public communication? conversation?

will this be on the test?
is she…extra credit?

notes for design 101


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