yo, boi. you grown?

yo boi. you grown? finally develop some social anthropology? detox the policy of your weak ass apology with some blunt smoking honesty? dont be silly, its a natural philosophy, the key to your wanna be sovereignty? wanna be on the team? gotta stop all the self proclaimed screams of insanity.

yo, boi, you grown? for real? are you constantly consciously sipping from the gossip tree?
are you dreaming of an over-priced automobile? brand name consumption is the Achilles’s heal so if you can’t buy you steal for personal appeal.  are you tired yet, of desiring shit, of feeling unfilled because  your ego took a hit?

yo boi, you grown? still crying at home? hard to accept that you are better on own.  you might wanna adjust the attitude modestly because your autobiography bores my curiosity. uninterested in  your sad musical comedy, repeat apology, screams of insanity, invitations to the pity party, and this time i ain’t even sorry. yo, boi, you grown?

yo boi, you grown? you figure out how to operate a phone?  Maybe you should ditch it and roam.
yo boi, you grown? because the heart builds muscle tone from leaving the safety zone.

yo boi,
you grown?



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