wrecked reptiles

wRecked RePtiles
the quicker the sand the later the gator
ambitious amphibians amplifying attitudes alphabetically starting with U, YOu.
chemically cracked kids question of the purpose of salty tears. looking unmotivated smelling under appreciated Asking themselves if …you could love little wiser?

it works, you just gotta be careful, it works you just gotta be shiny and new

like a copper penny worth just the same, dirty or clean. structure and status
had us consuming products to feel better about ourselves
here today, gone tomorrow
you can never do too much if you never have enough
you can never see it all if you never leave home
the individual behind all the snorted lines, a stranger mind, weird and dusty
a lost forgotten cassette tape recorded my vintage infatuation

the poverty of my antique affection

had me
had me

you had me

could you love a littler wiser?



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