art philosophy

i wanna have no face.

I wanna…
i wanna have…
i wanna have no face.



i want my physical appearance  to be a blank slate. leave my feet on the ground. separate my mind from my body




like an invisible observer.
like a passive aggressive god figure with a vagina absorbing the surrounding.
regurgitating everything my community found significant.

society can have the ideas and society can have the images.
copyrights are bullshit.







nothing last forever.






and maybe we could save ourselves…
instead of getting hung up over ownership.
exploiting each other for profits.




because the name of the game is

acquire a lot of expensive shit.

kissing the feet of the rich ass elite.

because wealth is influence in these ‘United’ ‘equal’ States.

separate my mind from body. my character over my appearance. my value from my pocket.

money isnt always healthy.

greatness isn’t always wealthy.

i want  my identity to remain anonymous.


i want to be both privileged and oppressed. both known and unknown.both good and evil. beauty and blemish.

i want to be a reflection of ourselves, collectively. rough drafted reality.
would we like what we see?

visually? fund-a-mentally?
would we like what we see?



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