art philosophy

Hell: that really hot place that only plays country music

I’ve always been fairly observant, mostly when it comes to the environment (built or natural), not as so much when it comes to people..people are draining…people are not always true…their intentions not always pure…my passive aggressive curiosity is how I acquired my knowledge about the culture we are all born into. Forming thoughts inside my vessel of skin and bones I was building my perspective of the outside world. The habits, the traditions, the social norms and the societal hierarchy.

Later in life, I was  regurgitating those thoughts and perspectives about the world I had experienced   in the form of art and simple poetry.


Later, later, in life I’d be releasing them into the world. This is my preferred method of purging. My salvation.

and it is self serving. and it is publicly beneficial.


We all have our demons.   If hell is endless eternal suffering, well, I’ve crafted my coping mechanism.

i’ve fine tuned it like an american muscle car. kept it updated like a social media app.

Its not a weapon of violence  but a tool of communication. ammunition of thought.

it is sharp. And it is effective.

The power of propaganda.

The therapy of art.


 j u s t   a    t h o u g h t   .    . 







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