they don’t respect it if they cant exploit it

I’m expanding on different. The public aint caught up to me yet. Stumptown. Stuck ground. place your bets.

Coherent. Reasonable. Rational.  Fat fake crap is always optional.

Feed your ego or feed your brain? shake the insecurity. stay lucy lucid.

try to articulate, Why people with money always gotta manipulate?




Close your mouth. And shut up. Open up your wallets and shut up . its time to assimilate

That’s what the rich advocate. The upperclass isnt  socially obligated to help the underclass  into enlightenment,

or away from judgement, constructing man-made structures of confinement

they don’t respect it if they cant exploit it.




from the sound the ears hear to the images the eyes see

you are what you read, even subliminally, , the way you speak reflects the company you keep

its Easy to spot all the domestic sheep

the fat pigs who reap in their sleep.


So shrug off the phonies

stay loyal to the homies

most rich pretty people are just trophies

don’t drop your jaw, that awestruck

its just shiny,  its just flashy





look closely



















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