in case we get lost, damaged, or destroyed

i’ve been gone awhile.

sorry. This blog was a really great outlet for my thoughts and I’ve neglected it.

I wish I had something special to share, you know?

something sorta meaningful update about my life. Something insightful. But nothing truly comes to mind,

I’ve been very stationary.

the older I get the less time I have to run away. I am definitely less self destructive than I once was. less reckless, less impulsive, less social.
I think my location and environment are major factors in this reclusive behavior.

So, I’ve been keeping calm and drawing lines.
I am up all night trying to keep my mind occupied.
and its difficult, I’ve lost my muse. communication died. I need a new source.

another soul to jumper start mine.
I haven’t been searching and seeking, only dreaming.

Earlier today, i watching this tv show on the Netflix and one of the character’s said, “artists are doomed to a life of loneliness because they cannot think beyond instant gratification” I must have replayed that part a dozen times…

Anyways. In the fall, i’ll be moving. hopefully i’ll start painting.

and writing a little more often.


One thought on “in case we get lost, damaged, or destroyed

  1. Self-destruction can be a bad habit, can’t it? Thankfully we lived through it, to the age of living a somewhat calmer existance.
    I’ve recently returned to my blog, too. Come see me if ya want. :)

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