thoughts plus thc 2016

i wanna intimately search thru your shit

a friend gave me a notebook to read
it was full of poems&writings a friend had given to him
and one of the poems was about going thru someone’s car in order to know them better
and i loved it
the idea is beautiful and it was well written, but im craved more than that,
not only do i want to go thru your car, i
wanna go thru your room, your kitchen,
your backpack
your desk
your nightstand
your damn diary
i wanna get to kno you, intimately, but i dont wana sit face2face and have you to tell me a bunch of trivial bullshit
like we all do,
or spend countless hours peeling back the layers of a person before i get to the meat&potatoes,
i wanna dig thru your shit, judge you based on the things you surround yourself with. how youve arranged it, move around it and operate in it.
what treasures are sacred to you? its not about how expensive it is, i jus want a genuine real picture of you, not a clusterfuck of perfectly posed selfies.

an uncanny attempt to know someone



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