fresh 2017 fuckery

job quitting envy

i used to work at a truckstop. in the restaurant part. that place was terrible.  

i was standing at the register, tryin to not appear stoned when one of the younger waitresses arrives for her shift. she’s late she’s got a fresh red hickey on her neck&a brand new septum piercing.  

The manager says, you have to take that crap out of your nose. 

she says, no. 

he says, you cant work today. 

she says, fuck it. i quit. 

and the look on his face was of pure disbelief. i envy her for that. because when i quit, i simply stopped showing up. which isnt as interesting.  

 have you ever quit something&felt awesome??? please, let me kno
i’d like to quit my job&create art full time. support my art dreams? in the link below. 
until next time, follow me on instagram! 


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