fresh 2017 fuckery

kiss my ass, novelty cheeks

I think my favorite thing about campus was the Arboretum. late night in a tree garden.  we would fill backpacks full of beer, pockets full of weed, watched for cops as we walked up the street. to drink down by the man-made stream.
talk bullshit about the world.
question everything we knew. nothing was serious&everything was sacred.
the stars consume our tiny souls.
over 7 years ago.
melancholy memory,

of places&people that dont exist anymore.  what attracts certain people together?

the need to enjoy life?

even punchdrunk happiness.

i never knew what to do with myself.

like most children in america, we were fed the idea that we could do anything we wanted to do. the sky was limit.  you could change the world. they install that optimism  early. hoping one of us, might save all of us.

but, i never knew what to do with myself. run around chasing temporary happiness.


sketchbooks&therapists, whats the difference?
a few art prints here:
stay curious,

find me on instagram please! @park_art
lets connect sooner, rather than later. 

much love



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