fresh 2017 fuckery

hazy vision update

i didnt return anybody’s call.

i dont return anybody’s call.

it never really bothers me. it quickly become a habit

i was distracted.

i quickly noted. a strange cold sense.

all these snowflakes were falling into my pockets.

causing a shiver.

numbing my body.

time was gliding.

the morning sky

softly yawning . . .
setting me up for the come down.

turning off the thoughts.

its not as scary as it seems.

suburb suicide. shotgun all my social skills.


one year no alcohol.

one whole year. i miss it. but whatever. im healthier…

one prescription for adulthood please…


no thanks. nevermind.

can i

pull some greatness
out this mess?




look thru my stuff.

lurk around awhile.


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