fresh 2017 fuckery

soft lines, cool times

got into a comfortable daily life pattern… generally simple.&unchallenging.

im sleeply more frequently.where do my interest lie? how can i amp it up?


more bang for my buck. more bang for my buck.
fuck. a. duck.

ive produce interesting artwork more consistently.

a few art prints here: 

at least . . . thats what i think. if i grind at this thing long enough, my chances might go up.  why is self-promotion so weird?

. . . blah.

there are other things i should be doing…like the laundry. going to the post office.

&edit these video clips together. upload. finish coloring this large tripscape. contact some public art spaces downtown.
play with my dog.
i will probably jus

go take a nap tho.

the ebb&flow of events.

the unknown.

what do u kno?



. . .
sweet videos here:
stay curious




. bye.


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