About Park


One small town misfit
a dreamer who dreams of quitting and drifting
a flustered painter
my mom says, you think i dont know you, you only think temporary 
 yea mom, i’m a disorganized child without a piggy bank

Support my art habit…pah pah please?

I have some prints available here:


i like the dark, it hides the dirty
keep provoking, keep evolving
keep telling a story
keep the  
dope hope ….
the evergreen state  
drip drip 

instagram park_art




17 thoughts on “About Park

  1. Damn.
    Your art’s got a uniqueness to it..keep it up! :D
    And I think you could do well with poems, too. ;)

    ThankYouSoMuchForCheckingOutMyBlog! ^_^

    You’ll do well. :)
    Godbless. :)

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