2013 Love is

love is.

love is… love is…a noun? that special person, that memorable place, that priceless  treasure that holds more

worth than its weight in gold

perhaps love is an idea.

and its just an idea…

if love is a noun. OR… love is…love is…a verb? Its what you do. And who you do.

Maybe it’s a promise…when you say it about something or to someone

It’s a promise to always care, unconditionally and…forever…unless you can put a time span on love.

To promise to love someone for only 2years and then

and then…just stop.

just stop loving. wouldn’t that be nice?

Maybe love is overrated, maybe its underrated but I know it’s not concrete.

I know I cant hold it in my hand or really see it.

I know that I can feel it and you can feel it, and

We’re all suppose to feel it

At some point…


If its real at all. If its not the greatest illusion of all time. The most effective placebo effect every created. Silly people all doped up on ‘love’

Love is…love is complicated and yet so simple its stupid.

Love is…taught? And sometimes neglected

Love is…really a catch 22. To truly know if it was love you have lose it, to feel the void of love.

to know it was real. To know it wasn’t just all make-believe…

It doesn’t really matter though, what my idea of love is or your idea of love is, or how the dictionary defines it,

how movies portray it, how music poetically plays it,

It. doesn’t. really. matter.

Because love simply is.

Love is.

It just is.

It just is.



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